INDIE BEAUTY EXPO picked us! NYC here we come! August 22nd to 24th

Really excited!!  Indie Beauty Expo is the penultimate trade show for creators and makers of great handmade grooming and beauty products.  And to top it off... super thrilled to share a space with a fab company from the UK, Electric Ink!  They're a tattoo skincare line in London.  It simply couldn't be a better fit.  We are going to rock this thing.  Thanks so much, to IBE for inviting me!  And well, New York City... I just love that town. 


QVC asks CCB to pitch Parfum!

So exciting!!  This amazing conference in San Jose, California, Watermark Conference for Women has an up and coming product search component to it and I've been chosen to pitch CCBotanical's Parfum Sampler of all 8 fragrances!!  Watermark has been going for 21 years, supporting women at executive levels and beyond.  It just sounds tremendous with terrific keynote speakers and lots of workshops and networking.  April 21 - 22nd.  WOO HOO!!


NYC's NICHE Apothecary Journal reviews Bush Country

A couple of weeks ago, Jana Knauerova, responded to a tweet I put up on Korean women getting pubic hair transplants.  We chatted back and forth a bit.  More impetus to get the oils and I to New York, right?  And then, yesterday, this lovely review from NICHE Apothecary Journal of which Jana is a writer/reviewer along with three other lovely folks.  They LOVE Bush Country.  That pink grapefruit is blushing, now.  Love their journalling, do check them out. You can find them on Instagram and Twitter, too.  Here's the sweet article:  

Literary flair: Get the looks of these five fashionable authors by NATHALIE ATKINSON The Globe and Mail, Nov. 07 2014

"Karl Ove Knausgaard: The bear do

It isn’t what Karl Ove Knausgaard has in his closet that’s memorable – it’s that impressive facial hair. Knausgaard, the serial Norwegian autobiographer, has probably the most famous literary beard since Farley Mowat, the hirsute Canadian writer and environmentalist who died in May. How does the international sensation keep his salt-and-pepper scruff so consistently short and spiky? Only Don Johnson knows for sure.

Want the look? Stop shaving, stock up on Musky Barber Shop essential-oil spray by Vancouver’s Happy Spritz ($28 for 100 ml or Christine Chanter Botanicals Beard Oil ($30 for 30 ml through"

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Toronto Life, October 2014

                        's the excerpt from the Toronto Life magazine, October 2014 on page's 90 and 91.  There were 6 top choices.

                                                                       "CREAMS OF THE CROP"               

                                                      Our favourite all-natural lotions, potions and goops

(category 5) FRAGRANCE

 Christine Chanter Botanicals

Chanter, a registered massage therapist, started using essential oils on her clients 20 years ago and soon graduated to mixing her own scents. Our favourites include the floral Parfum 2 ($40), as well as Bush Country, a scented oil for what Chanter calls “lady gardens” ($35).

                                                                              "ORGANIC PHARM"              

                                                Alternative cures for six everyday ailments - no prescription necessary

(category 6 ) MUSCLE ACHES

Christine Chanter Botanicals Muscle Roll-on

A substitute for Tiger Balm that smells like black spruce. $45. 



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Fashion magazine, May 2014

Fashion magazine has featured us in their article, Are You Muff Enough? A cute read about how the bush is back with style and confidence, By Leah Rumack.  'And if you let it grow... Conditioning the grass with Christine Chanter Botanicals, Bush Country for her. ' In their May issue, Pg. 100-104.