Rah Rah Rahs, General Feedback and Other Comments

Happy to answer any questions or if you've something to give us feedback on, please get in touch.

Stockists and Shopkeeps  

Happy to stock your shop so if you are a retailer, please send an email to chris@christinechanter.com and we'll send you our wholesale price list.  

Custom Creations, Private Labels

Love doing custom work.  From hotel air supplies to musician's merchandise tables, I'm happy to entertain you and I doing a custom creation, together.  

Instagramming and Twittering

So much fun on the social media circuit...although not much of a Twitterer but have been known to be a twat, on occasion. Ha!  Look for us on Instagram and Twitter under C_CBotanicals and on Facebook under Christine Chanter Botanicals. 

The studio is in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Here's the email, simple as pie:  chris@christinechanter.com

Bricks and mortar shops where you can buy in person:

TORONTO, Ontario

Easy Tiger Goods - Bush Country

Frock  - Parfum line,  Parfum Sampler, Beard Oil, Bush Country, Muscle Balm  

Grateful Head - Beard Oil, Bush Country

Hastings Barber Shops, both locationsBeard Oil

Likely General Store - Bush Country, Beard Oil, Muscle Balm, Parfum line

Model Citizen  - Bush Country, Beard Oil, Parfum - Urdu, Lyon, Lhasa

OTTAWA, Ontario

Oresta Apothecary, Oresta Confectionary, Oresta Gallery -  Bush Country

WINNIPEG, Manitoba

Nude Sugar Bar Bush Country

KIMBERLEY, British Columbia

Velvet & Ginger - Bush Country

Arrow & Axe- Bush Country

          The United States of America!

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania

Juju - Parfum line, from Urdu to Lhasa












Beard Oil, Bush Country